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Our family opened this shop in 2009, making us one of the first shops in America completely dedicated to e-bikes.  Having lived abroad in countries where e-bikes were popular, we understand the implications that they could have on health, community, and the environment.  We're excited to see e-bikes beginning to find a permanent place in our country's future.  

We have tons of experience with all sorts of brands and models (not just the stuff on the site).  I've been a bicycle commuter for 9 years and have a solid understanding of how these bicycles should perform.  Our service department has been cracking open motors and repairing electrical issues for 6 years.  Above everything, we value keeping an honest and ongoing relationship with our customers.  If there are any questions you have or any unique builds or customizations you would like done to your bike, don't hesitate to call us.

-Chandlee Caldwell

Co-owner and Manager